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Stop by and let us help you! When something in our inventory catches your eye, or you’d like to use our sharpening service, just ask or send us a message with your request. If you can’t stop by our store, thats ok, we offer all of our services and products through the mail for your convenience. See our fillable form below for more details!


Our commitment to you, our customer

PnD Knives & Sharpening Services strives to provide its customers with the very best in customer service, fast shipping, easy ordering, and personal connections. Contact Us today and let us guide your purchase. *Please note, there is currently no free shipping for our sharpening services.*

Sharpening Services

  1. Fill out our convenient online work order form, below. You will also receive a copy via e-mail.
  2. We will e-mail you an itemized invoice including all costs.
  3. You can pay over the phone or with a check.
  4. Pack your knives and tools securely, and mail them to us for sharpening. USPS Priority Mail Packages are highly recommended.
  5. We sharpen your items and ship them back to you.

You can review our pricing guide for cost estimates.

Please use the address found on our Contact page.

Online Sharpening Work Order

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Products for Sharpening

Tell us about what you need sharpened:
Note: Please mark damaged or dirty items as severe. Only items that can be easily mailed have been included in this form.

Sharpen Knives

Sharpen Drill bits & Woodworking

Sharpen Saws, Yard Tools, & Miscellaneous

Sharpen Scissors, Shears, or Grooming tools

Additional items

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